Alexander Baillie

13th Nov 1777 - 24th Jan 1855

Claimant or beneficiary


Involved in correspondence from his brother Hugh James Baillie (q.v.) and the Compensation Commission over compensation for Baillie's Bacolet in Grenada which had been owned by his late father James Baillie MP of Bedford Square and Ealing Grove (q.v), and almost certainly the same man as the counterclaimant, apparently unsuccessful, on a currently unknown estate (probably Alliance) in British Guiana the compensation for which was paid to Janet Higgins, the sister of Alexander and Hugh James Baillie. Alexander Baillie of Harley Street was an executor under the will of Janet's husband Matthew Higgins.

  1. Son of Miss Colin Campbell and James Baillie who married in Grenada 26/04/1772. His mother Miss Colin Campbell was the daughter of Colin Roy Campbell of Glenure, factor of the forfeited Stewart estates in Argyll and victim of the famous Appin murder in 1752. James Baillie (1737-1793) was the brother of Evan Baillie (1742-1835) and therefore Alexander Baillie was the first cousin of James Evan Baillie and Hugh Duncan Baillie (both q.v.). Also the brother of Colin Campbell Lloyd, Hugh James Baillie and Janet Higgins (all of whom q.v.).

  2. Buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Naples: "Alexander BAILLIE, born 13th November 1777 and died 24th January 1855. The son of James Baillie of the Baillies of Dochfour, Inverness. Same grave as Harriet C. Beaujolois." Another source gives his death in Naples as 24/01/1835 and states he died unmarried. The 1855 date seems more likely as the will of Francois Dominique Joseph Loridan, Valet de Chambre to M. Alexander Baillie of Naples, Tuscany, was proved 28/09/1853.

  3. Probably not the same man as the Alexander Baillie (q.v.) who claimed for British Guiana claim no. 378A&B&C (Philadelphia) as trustee for Ellen Welchman (q.v.), who was almost certainly the London merchant A. Baillie of Baillie Kerr of 23 Threadneedle Street, London. The Alexander Baillie who also appears as the awardee of compensation for two smaller claims under Grenada nos. 114 and 362 could have been either or neither of the two men.


T71/880 Grenada claim no. 864 (Baillie's Bacolet). T71/1609: letter, dated 23/02/1836, from H.J. Baillie, Stone Buildings, asking how much was paid to his brother Alex Baillie, and the time of payment; T71/887 British Guiana no. 2409, where he was described as 'late of Harley Street, Esq., at present abroad' and appeared to have challenged his sister's entitlement to compensation under her late husband's will.

  1. Douglas Hamilton, Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic world, 1750-1820 (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2005) pp. 89-90. History of Parliament Online for details of James Baillie: [accessed 10/04/2013].

  2. Index to Old Protestant Cemetery Naples at [accessed 29/04/2013]. Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch, A History and Genealogy of the family of Baillie of Dunain, Dochfour and Lamington (by the author, 1898) pp. 39-41. PROB 11/2178/439.

  3. See separate notes on each of these claims.

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£15,343 8s 1d
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£8,985 17s 2d

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The Bailie Family, Painting by Thomas Gainsborough 1784, left by Alexander Baillie to the National gallery subject to the life-interest of his brother Evan Hamilton Baillie (who d. 1857).... 
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Drawing of Alexander Baillie in graphite by Ingres, c. 1816, now in a private collection. The drawing was included in the catalogue Portaits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch eds. G. Tinterow and... 
Bust of Alexander Baillie by Bertel Thorvaldsen c. 1816 now in the Thorvaldsen... 
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Venus, Mars and Cupid in Vulcan's Smithy, marble relief by Bertel Thorvaldsen, commissioned by Alexander Baillie and his partner Jorgen Knutzdon c. 1816, reportedly now at Stoke Park in... 
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