Michael Cuff

???? - 1825


Michael Cuff, owner of Emmaus Pen in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, who died in 1825. Compensation for the enslaved people on Emmaus was awarded to his son John Cuff after various counterclaims from legatees and trustees of Michael Cuff.

  1. Michael Cuff was recorded as owner of 100 enslaved people and 50 stock in St James, Jamaica in 1818. In 1820 he owned 94 enslaved people and 221 stock in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. From 1823 to 1826 he was listed against Emmaus Pen in St Elizabeth. From 1827-1833 Emmaus was registered to "Michael Cuff, deceased" and to his son John Cuff (q.v.) from 1838.

  2. Michael Cuff was a vestryman in St Elizabeth in 1824.

  3. "At Emmaus Michael Cuff Esquire, about 53 Years of Age, was buried on the 18th September 1825."

  4. There was some dispute about Michael Cuff's will and his assets could not meet his debts and legacies.

  5. It's not known when he moved to Jamaica but he had Irish connections: the executors of his will were James Cuff of Creagh and James French (at Miss Delurys, High St., Galway). Also claiming compensation was J. Predergast of Waterford House, Tuam, possibly as trustee to the legatees.

  6. An unsourced online genealogical site gives George Cuff, a merchant of Fuller Wood Park Pen, Jamaica, who died at 39 Woburn Square, London in 1858 as the son of Michael Cuff and brother of John Cuff. This George Cuff was baptised 30/01/1825 in St Elizabeth in a group of free people and enslaved people belonging to Michael Cuff. The baptism record of George describes him as aged about 12 and "a free Quadroon". The same genealogical site states that Emmaus was passed from John Cuff to his nephew Michael Cuff Morgan; a Michael Cuff Morgan, "a free Mustee", aged about 6 months, was baptised in St Elizabeth as part of the same group. George Cuff was probably the storekeeper of Black River who was the father of Lewis Michael Cuff, born 22/08/1842 and buried 23/12/1844, and James Cuff, buried 19/07/1845 aged 5 months and 9 days, both in St Elizabeth.

  7. "August 4 [1858], in London, sincerely and deservedly regretted by a wide circle of relatives and friends, George CUFF, Esq., J.P., of Fulerswood Port, Black River, Jamaica, aged 42, second son of the late Michael CUFF, Esq., of Forthill, county Mayo, and Emmaus, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica."

  8. Joseph Myers esq of Fort Rose and Miss Elizabeth Cuff of Emmaus were married at St.Elizabeth by licence, 14/8/1837. The bride was presumably the 12-year-old "free quadroon" baptised in 1825.


T71/870 St Elizabeth claim no. 296 (Emmau's Pen). See claim notes for 296 for details of the counterclaims and correspondance with Compensation Commissioners.

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