Alexander Glennie

???? - 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


Alexander Glennie of Maybank Aberdeen and Jobshill Jamaica, awarded the compensation for the enslaved people on the Jobs Hill estate in St Mary. Monumental Inscriptions Kingston Jamaica 3 p 132 No. 212 shows a memorial to Alexr Ritchie d. 1807, 'his two nephews Alexr Farquharson and Alexr. Glennie erected the tomb'.

  1. Will of Alexander Glennie of Aberdeen proved 23/07/1836. In the will [made in 1828] he refers to his mortgage over the coffee plantation and pen known as Jobshill in St Mary Jamaica. He divided his property equally among his children of whom only his eldest son Edgar was mentioned by name.

  2. John Stuart Stuart-Glennie (b. 1830), the Scottish socialist and folklorist, was a son of Alexander Glennie with his second wife Mary Stuart.

  3. Apparently unconnected with the Alexander Glennie who was a partner with James Strachan and James Mackenzie of Mincing Lane under firm of James Strachan, James Mackenzie & Co. 30/06/1799; James Mackenzie retired 31/12/1812, carried on by Alexander Glennie, his son James Strachan Glennie and William Fry in firm Alexander Glennie & Son; bankruptcy November 1816; partner with Daniel Austin and James Mackenzie as sugar-refiners in Dock Street Rosemary Lane, 12/11/1812. This London merchant Alexander Glennie was the Alexander Glennie former director of the Commercial Docks, shown as deceased in 1830 and whose will was proved 07/06/1830: he left £1000 each in Commercial Dock Co. stock to his two daughters and, the residuary estate to his son John Irving Glennie, saying that he had nothing to leave his son James Strachan Glennie that would be acceptable to him.


Alexander Glennie is identifed as of Maybank Aberdeen and Jobs Hill Jamaica in e.g. The Argus Melbourne Victoria 12/07/1901 death-notice of Henry Edgar Glennie, 'last surviving son of the late Alexander Glennie JP of Job's Hill and May Bank, Aberdeen Scotland; formerly of the Union Bank of London, in his 77th year.' The papers of and relating to Alexander Glennie quarrier, Maybank Aberdeen at the University of Aberdeen (MS2769/II /57/3) including details of estates in Jamaica carry the dates 1836-1887.

  1. PROB 11/1864/234.

  2. [accessed 05/12/2019]. Online material often gives his birth as 1841.

  3. London Gazette, Issue 15153, 29/06/1799, p. 660; London Gazette, Issue 16689, 05/01/1813 p. 56; London Gazette, Issue 17191, 12/11/1816, p. 2159; London Gazette, Issue 16674, 28/11/1812, p. 2400; London Gazette 18684 25/05/1830 p. 1024. Will of Alexander Glennie merchant of No. 4 Great James Street Bedford Square, PROB 11/1772/199.

Further Information

(1) Caroline Edgar (2) Mary Stuart

Associated Claims (1)

£4,103 14s 1d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

Probably as mortgagee-in-possession

1810 [EA] - 1811 [LA] → Joint owner

Registered to Glennie and Farquharson

Relationships (2)

Business associates
Notes →
Probably also cousins: they were described as the nephews of Alex. Ritchie in a memorial to Ritchie in Kingston Cathedral. The Jobshill estate was registered to 'Glennie and Farquharson', probably...
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Inferred by LBS. Thomas Edgar's executor in 1859 was his nephew Henry Glennie, almost certainly the Henry Edgar Glennie known to have been the son of Alexander Glennie and his wife Caroline Edgar....

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Maybank, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland