Charles Payne of Bristol the younger

1779 - 1846

Claimant or beneficiary


Charles Payne of Bristol, executor with John L. Dampier (q.v.) of Edmund Fearon Bourke junior (q.v.), who died in 1831. The two men together had counterclaims on three estates, two of which were explictly as executors of Edward Fearon Bourke and the third (for Rose Hill in Clarendon Jamaica) appears to have been for Charles Payne as beneficiary (as mortgagee). Given simply as Charles Payne in the compensation records.

  1. Will of Charles Payne of Bristol Gloucestershire proved 13/01/1847. He left £300 to his wife Albinia; £2600 to his son Charles William Medows Payne; £1700 to his son William Augustus Townshend Payne; £2500 to his son Richard Bourke Payne; £3550 to his son John Selwyn Payne at 25; and £1000 to his daughter Sarah Eliza, wife of Rev. Francis Thomas New [?]. He left £10,500 in trust with the income to be one-third for the benefit of his daughter Henrietta Charlotte, the wife of Robert Vidal; one-third for his daughter Catherine Helen Payne; and one-third for his daughter Susan Rodon Payne. His children were his residuary legatees, in equal shares.

  2. Charles Payne West India merchant was listed among the magistrates for Bristol in 1836. His entry in a listing of Bristol councillors shows him as: 'b. 1779, d. 4 December 1846 a67; cllr. 1835-1841; Conservative; West India merchant; £40,000; Anglican; Freeman House, Clifton; J.P. 1836.' Local history sources show Charles Payne as Sheriff of Bristol in 1827 and Mayor in 1834.

  3. Son of Charles Payne of Savanna La Mar, Jamaica who died at Clifton 1821 and father of at least six sons, including John Selwyn Payne (1822-1880).

  4. All the enslaved people on the Rose Hill estate were listed as security for £10,000 which Charles Payne lent to Charles Nicholas Pallmer in 1824.


T71/915 p. 154 Clarendon claim no. 159.

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  3. Finding aid on A2A for the records of the Badgeworth estate in the Gloucestershire Archives, D1421.

  4. T71/859 Clarendon no. 234: awarded to James W. Turner and John Blair, receivers in the cause of Payne vs Pallmer. Counterclaim from C. Payne of Bristol, John Lucius Dampier of London [see also T71/1187 counterclaim on Clarendon claim no. 234]; Kathleen Mary Butler, The economics of Emancipation: Jamaica and Barbados 1823-1843 (Chapel Hill and London, University of North Carolina Press, 1995) p. 45: estate belonged to C.N. Pallmer, mortgaged for over £10000 to Chas Payne & co., compensation used by Pallmer to pay down debt of Payne & Co.; in Jamaica accessed 02/05/2013 (the site gives the mortgagor as 'Charles Palmer of Surrey'.

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West India merchant

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£531 11s 6d
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£4,920 12s 7d
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£3,564 14s 5d
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Charles Payne & Son
West India merchant  

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Dolphin Society...... 
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1834 - 1834

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Freeman House, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England