William W. Massiah

1800 - 30th Dec 1859

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. William Wilkinson Massiah married Mary Ann Massiah 24/05/1827 in St John, Barbados. They had two children baptised in Barbados: Jane Wilkinson (1828, St Philip) and William Henry (1829, St James). Mary Ann had presumably died when William Wilkinson Massiah of Strong Hope Barbados married Agnes Durie of Cramond, Edinburgh 26/10/1839 in Cramond.

  2. In 1841, W. Massiah, age 40, of independent means, not born in county, was living at Blair Park, St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, with Agnes Massiah age 20, Jane W. Massiah age 13 and two female servants. In 1845 W. W. Massiah of Laverock-bank, Edinburgh, a Proprietor and Member of the Council was one of the three dozen members of the Provisional Committee of the Barbados General Railway. In the 1851 census, William W. Massiah born Barbados aged 52 was living at East Pilton Farm Cramond, Midlothian.

  3. Death "On the 30th ult., at Windsor-cottage, Portobello, near Edinburgh, William Wilkinson Massiah, Esq., of Stronghope, Barbados."

  4. William Wilkinson Massiah, landed proprietor (married) died 30/12/1859 at Windsor Cottage, Portobello, aged 59. He was the son of Christopher Massiah, landed proprietor (deceased) and Mary Massiah (maiden name Butcher, deceased). The informant was Joanna Anne Allan, niece by marriage.


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Further Information

[1] Mary Ann Massiah [2] Agnes Durie
With [1] Jane Wilkinson, William Henry

Associated Claims (1)

£1,901 3s 2d

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Addresses (1)

Laverockbank, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland