Aretas Akers III

1799 - 21st Apr 1855

Claimant or beneficiary


Aretas Akers III of Malling Abbey, Kent, son of Aretas Akers II and Jane Akers née Ramsay (both q.v.), nephew of Edmund Fleming Akers (q.v.), claimant for a share of the compensation for Jambou Vale in St Vincent under the will of his father.

  1. Baptised in St Pancras, London, 21/06/1799, the son of Aretas Akers II and his wife Jane Akers née Ramsay. His father had inherited land in St Vincent and St Kitts from his grandfather. 

  2. He was left £25,000 and 100 acres of uncultivated land in St Vincent in the will of his father, of whom he was also residuary legatee, in 1816. In his will, his father also stipulated that Aretas III was not to attend a public school but to attend a university. Matriculated Christ Church, Oxford, 28/05/1816 age 17. 

  3. Married Isabella Larking, daughter of John Larking, 09/05/1821. They had at least 11 children born in London and Kent between 1821 and 1845. 

  4. In the 1841 census he was living at Bellevue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, age 40, with his wife Isabella, age 40, his children Isabella age 19, Charles age 12, Caroline age 10, Emma age 9, Mary age 7 and George age 3, plus a governess, 1 male servant and 5 female servants. In 1851 he was living at Malling Abbey, West Malling, Kent, with his wife Isabella and children Isabella, Jane M., Mary E., George and Dorothy (age 6) with a governess, 2 male servants and 5 female servants. 

  5. Justice of the Peace for Kent, Deputy Lieutenant for Kent. Aretas Akers III died 21/04/1855. His grandson, the son of the Rev. Aretas Akers [IV] (1825-1856) and Frances Maria Brandram, was the politician Aretas Akers-Douglas, 1st Viscount Chilston. The addition of 'Douglas' reflected the inheritance of slave-derived property under the will of George Douglas of Chilston Park (q.v.) of 1833: Aretas Akers III was contingent residuary legatee.


T71/892 St Vincent claim no. 892 (Jambou Vale). 

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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Aeneas Akers
Isabella Larking
Aretas (1825-1856), Jane Mary (1824-1832), Charles Style (1828-1887), Edmund (1832-), Mary Elizabeth (1834-), George (1837-), Dorothy (1845-), Caroline Ramsay (?-1910)
Oxford (Christ Church) [1816 ]

Associated Claims (1)

£3,814 0s 9d
Beneficiary unsuccessful

Legacies Summary

Political (2)

Local Government
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Justice of the Peace

Relationships (5)

Son → Father
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Nephew → Uncle
Grandson → Grandfather
Legatee → Testator

Addresses (2)

Bellevue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, South-east England, England
Malling Abbey, West Malling, Kent, South-east England, England