Alexander Dalrymple

???? - 1849

Claimant or beneficiary


Partner in Alex Dalrymple & Co. (q.v.) of Roseau in Dominica, at the time of compensation. Executor with his partner Frederick Hervey (sometimes given as Henry) Garraway and Wm Humphries of Dr Robert Garraway of Dominica. 

  1. There are a number of possible later references to Alexander Dalrymple in London, e.g. Thomas William Piggott late of Higham Sussex, coachman to Alexander Dalrymple Esq.; petition for bankruptcy versus Alexander Dalrymple of No. 11 Lime Street London, Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, annulled 08/05/1857; bankruptcy of John James Monro, trading with Alexander Dalrymple as Merchants, Commission and Shipping Agents under firm Monro Dalrymple and Company at 21 Mincing Lane; West India merchant firm with John Cobb Clowes; bankruptcy of Alexander Dalrymple formerly of No. 34 Great St Helens and afterwards of No. 21 Mincing Lane. Several of these obviously allude to financial distress for the Alexander Dalrymple of 21 Mincing Lane in the 1850s.

  2. However, the will of Alexander Dalrymple merchant of Lime Street City of London proved 20/04/1849 (which is certainly the will of the same man as the awardee of Dominica) shows no signs of financial distress, providing annuities of £80 p.a. and £60 p.a respectively to his mother the widow of Dr William Dalrymple now residing at Chapel Street Aberdeen and his sister Mrs Jess Thomas widow of Alexander Thomas master mariner now residing with 'my said mother'; £20 p.a to his sister-in-law Sarah Dalrymple; £20 p.a. to Martha [Maria?] Smith, 'single woman' of Dominica, as well £800 p.a. to his wife Ellen and £80 p.a. to his daughter Maria. He bequeathed the Morne Gray estate and houses in Roseau in Dominica to his wife Ellen, and then instructed his trustees to sell all his other real estate on the island. He identified his partner in their firm of West India merchants as George William Penney.

  3. 1881 census Alexander Dalrymple born aged 50 born Dominica (i.e. 1831) General Merchant living at 91 Elm Park Brixton: presumably the son of Alexander Dalrymple the Roseau merchant, and conceivably the merchant in financial difficulty in the 1850s.       


T71/881 Dominica claim nos. 95 (La Vie Douce), 190 (Emsall (?)), 231 (Cumberland), 233 (Mount Prosper), 248 (Belfast), 261, 458, 469 (Morne Gray), 473 (Morne Vrai), 512 (Besche), 535 (Rosey), 982, 992 and 1002. 

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  2. PROB 112091/113.

  3. 1881 census online.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Alex. Dalrymple
Married but no further details

Associated Claims (14)

£124 18s 3d
£1,717 1s 9d
£776 10s 11d
Awardee (Executor or executrix)
£1,500 12s 4d
£2,675 12s 6d
£231 15s 7d
£154 0s 2d
£430 19s 10d
£1,544 10s 5d
£799 3s 2d
£851 3s 3d
£185 7s 11d
£113 3s 1d
£727 13s 1d

Associated Estates (3)

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1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Joint owner

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Senior partner
Alex. Dalrymple & Co.
Dominica Merchant  

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Lime Street, City of London, Middlesex, London, England