Charles Dow

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Charles Dow, son of Archibald Dow of Antigua, previous owner of enslaved persons in Antigua who he inherited from his mother Martha Dow nee Byam. Deceased by 1836.

  1. According to a letter from his sister Rebecca Mackenzie, "Mr Musson [?] lays claim as a creditor of my late brother Charles Dow [for Antigua claim no. 831] supposing he had a share of the said slaves, but he could have none, for he disposed of one half of the Negroes left by my late mother... My brother Wm and self are the only Heirs and persons entitled to receive the compensation money.''


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 820 and 831.

  1. T71/1601 unnumbered bundle, letter dated 29/01/1836 from Rebecca Mackenzie. See separate entries for Rebecca Mackenzie and William Dow for evidence which ties this whole family together.

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£56 16s 8d
Not a claimant
£144 11s 5d

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