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Owner of Mount Pleasant and Diamond estates in St Lucia. The latter was subject to multiple counterclaims and both were the subject of a judicial sale in 1836. Given as 'Widow Alexander' for these two claims, but identified as Elizabeth Motet Alexander in her replication for the claim on the Diamond estate; she also appeared as Elizabeth Motet Alexander in a smaller award on St Lucia. She was the widow of William Alexander. Several children of William Alexander filed counterclaims arising from a long-running dispute over the succession to William Alexander. Jeanette Maria Alexander, Christine Alexander widow of the late Ebenezer Lloyd and Robertina Alexander (q.v.) launched unsuccessful counterclaims against Widow Alexander in 1834, 'Wm Alexander having by his last will and testament the 14th July 1802 contrary to the existing law of this colony benefitted his sons to the prejudice of his daughters...'. John Joseph James Alexander, the son of William Alexander and Elizabeth Motet Alexander, launched a further counterclaim.


T71/884 St Lucia claim nos. 329 (Mt Pleasant) and 547 (Diamond). T71/1242 includes a copy of the St Lucia Gazette of Sept 14 1836 in which was advertised the judicial sale of the Widow Alexander's etate of Mt Pleasant with 31 apprentice labourers; similar sales advertised for Diamond and Decatiere Estates; T71/1245 for replication of Elizabeth Motet Alexander for St Lucia no. 547. For Decatiere, a 'Madame M.J.P. Alexander' appears in the Slave Registers in 1815: it is not clear to whom this refers.

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Name in compensation records
Widow Alexander
William Alexander
Robertina and others

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£896 17s 8d
Unsuccessful claimant
£201 2s 1d
£2,053 12s 2d
Unsuccessful claimant

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1815 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

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