Sadleir, Hilgrove, Lowder and Durell later Southampton and Hampshire Bank

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  1. 'Atherley and Darwin, Southampton Hampshire. This bank was formed in 1770 as Sadleir, Hilgrove, Lowder and Durrell [sic]. It was styled as Atherley, Fall & Atherley from 1821, Atherley & Darwin from 1862 and latterly Atherley, Fall & Co. In 1869 the business merged with Maddison & Co. (also of Southampton) to form Maddison, Atherley, Hankinson and Darwin. Records Lloyds TSB Group plc Archives. Head Office.' [The 'Darwin' in the partnership was William Erasmus Darwin, eldest son of Charles Darwin].

  2. Sotonopedia says that Maddison, Pearce and Hankinson in 1869 merged with the Southampton and Hampshire Bank to form the 'Union Banking Company', a predecessor of Lloyds. The Lloyds Banking Group Archives online index shows Grant & Maddison Union Banking Company taken over by Lloyd's in 1903, and says Grant & Maddison Union Banking Company was established in 1869.

  3. Lloyds Archives shows the firm as Sadlier [sic] Hilgrove, Lowder and Durrell [sic].


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