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Glasgow West India merchant

  1. The contract of co-partnery for Dennistoun Buchanan merchants at Glasgow having terminated 01/03/1826, the subscribers George Wilson of Auchinden, Archibald Buchanan of Auchintorlie, James Buchanan, formerly of Buenos Ayres, at present residing at Edinburgh, and William M'Pherson Christie formerly at Kingston Jamaica now of Ballendoch, ceased on that date to be partners of the company carried on at Glasgow under the firm of Dennistoun Buchanan and in Jamaica under James and Benjamin Buchanan and Company, which since that date have been and will be carried on by the other subscribers. Jas Buchanan; Jas Dennistoun; David Laird; Alex. Stevenson; Benj. Buchanan by attorney Jas. Buchanan; William Calder by his atty David Laird; G.Wilson; Arch. Buchanan; James Buchanan; W. McP Christie by his atty Alex Stevenson.

  2. Notice is given that the interests of the late James Buchanan of Dowanhill, and of the late George Buchanan of Stanley in Perthshire and their representatives, and of James Buchanan the younger, currently residing in London in the business carried on at Glasgow and at Stanley aforesaid under the name Dennistoun Buchanan & Co. and sometimes under that of the Stanley Co. or the Stanley Spinning Co. have ceased from this date 19/12/1853 Glasgow. The 'sole remnant partners' were shown as Thos Buchanan, Jno Buchanan and Dennistoun Buchanan & Co.


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