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[London Gazette]


  1. Boulton & Watt Portfolio drawings 877 dated 1814 ZBN 8 for engine ordered by Kingstons, Lambert & Egan 55 Old Broad Street (agents) for Claremont Estate Plantation Robert Kingston (erroneously given as Robert Kingston in Jamaica in the seond entry).

  2. Partnership between undersigned in Oporto under the firm Lambert, Kingstons & Egan and in London under the firm Kingstons, Lambert & Egan as merchants dissolved in consequence of death of one of the partners (Edward Egan) 31/12/1849. Signed by John Lambert jun., Jno Lambert, Ly Hy Kingston, Tho. Lambert, William H. G. Kingston, Charlotte Egan executrix for the late Edward Egan Esq.


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  2. London Gazette 21075 8/3/1850 p. 744