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1816 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Owner

Shown as Hon. Joshua Gittens.

1823 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Owner
1829 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£4,761 12S 9D


According to the Creole Links website Bushy Park was also known as the Pilgrim estate and was owned in 1819 by Joshua Gittens, was in Chancery in 1827. The enslaved and the estate were clearly purchased between 1827 and 1829. The Hughes-Queree estates index shows that Joshua Gittens was the owner in 1816, John H. Gittens the owner in 1825.

  1. The Bushy Park estate was one of those attacked during the rebellion of 1816.


  1. Sir Robert H. Schomburgk, The History of Barbados (London, 1848), pp. 395-6.

Estate Information (5)

What is this?

[Number of enslaved people] 252(Tot) 133(F) 119(M)  
[Name] Pilgrim Estate  

Return of the Hon. Joshua Gittens, his own property.

T71/521 398-404
[Number of enslaved people] 251(Tot)  

Return of Rev. J. H. Gittens, his own property. Previously 252 enslaved.

T71/530 78-9
[Number of enslaved people] 246(Tot)  
[Name] [no name given]  

Return of John H. Gittens, his own property. Previously 251 enslaved. Note that these enslaved people had been sold by William Gill, Master of Chancery, to John Sheafe Gaskin in by 1829 where they were registered on Bushy Park in 1829. Bushy Park may be the same estate but renamed. We are grateful to Tom Wright for pointing out this change.

T71/536 248-9
[Number of enslaved people] 234(Tot)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of John S. Gaskin, his own property.
Previous registration showed 7. Changes:
Purchased of William Gill, Master in Chancery, late the property of John H. Gittens: 223; births, 9; deaths 5.

T71/544 256-61
[Number of enslaved people] 209(Tot)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of John Sheafe Gaskin, his own property.

T71/549 272-3