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Previous owner
1817 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Administratrix
1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£1,899 4S 3D

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[Number of enslaved people] 164(Tot) 86(F) 78(M)  
[Name] Wilcox  

Return of Elizabeth Hinds Trotman, Administratrix, the property of the Estate of John Trotman, deceased.

T71/521 255-59
[Number of enslaved people] 88(Tot)  

Return of John Rycroft Best, his own property. No previous return.
The total given - 88 enslaved - appears to be a miscalculation in the Register. The register shows:
Purchased of William Oxley, Master in Chancery, the property of the Estate of John Trotman, deceased: 194 enslaved; 1 birth. Thus total increase = 195 (given correctly). Of these, 79 were 'sent to Blackmans'; 1 death; sales to: E. Pinheiro (1), Jas. Bartlett (1), Eliz. Trotman (2). The net was thus 111 enslaved.

See also the return of Elizabeth Hinds Trotman, Administratrix of the estate of John Trotman, deceased which shows the sales of enslaved to John R. Best: T71/536, pp. 177-82.

T71/536 10-15
[Number of enslaved people] 88(Tot)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of John Rycroft Best, his own property.

T71/544 17
[Number of enslaved people] 96(Tot)  

Return of J. R. Best, his own property.

T71/549 16
[Name] Wilcox  
[Size] 212  

Listed in Christ Church, property of Watson.

Barbados 1913 list from the Hughes-Quere indexes transcribed at https://creolelinks.com/1913-barbados-plantation-owners-names.html.