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1823 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Master in Chancery


[No name given.]

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[Number of enslaved people] 25(Tot)  

Return of John C. Agard, Executor and Trustee, the property of the Estate of Charles Serjeant, deceased. 10 field enslaved; carpenter and tailor: 1 each; 8 house; others are children of no occupation. Does not appear to be a sugar works.

T71/520 491
[Number of enslaved people] 19(Tot)  

Return of William Oxley, the property of Charles Sarjeant, deceased, to be sold by the Court of Chancery. Previously 19 enslaved.

T71/529 513
[Number of enslaved people] 22(Tot)  

Return of William Oxley, (capacity not known), the property of Charles Sarjeant, deceased. Previously 19 enslaved.

T71/535 137
[Number of enslaved people] 26(Tot)  

Return of William Oxley, Master in Chancery, the property of the estate of Charles Sarjeant, deceased. The enslaved 'to be sold by the Court of Chancery for payment of his Legatees'.

T71/541 176

Sargeant decd. Had owned 26 in previous return. Oxley registered as the Court of Chancery decreed that the slaves be sold in payment of legacies under Sargeant's will.

T71/548 168-9