This project has benefited from many contributions sent in by users and we very much welcome further contributions and corrections. If you can contribute further information about particular individuals or think there are corrections to be made to an entry, please open the biographical page of the person you want to tell us about and click on the Incomplete/Incorrect? button. You will then be brought back to this page but with the name and ID number of the person filled in for you.

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If you do not want to use the form, then you can send in (by e-mail or post) your information on separate pages, but please ensure that you use the headings below. See our contact page for details.

If you have copies of original documents or similar material which you would like to send, give a brief description of the material in the "Supporting material" box and we will contact you with details of how you can send it to us.

What happens when you submit the form?

We will look at the details of what you have sent, including the sources you quote. We may need to contact you to discuss your material. If it adds to or corrects what we have on the person we will add the evidence to the entry and let you know that we have done so. We will also acknowledge your contribution in the entry for the person.

Thank you very much for your interest in the project.

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* You must include details of the sources which you have used to compile this information. Please give full information such as the author and book title, the date of publication and page reference(s). If you are quoting from unpublished sources (such as in a Local History Library), please give as much information as you can about the source, where it is to be found and where it has a library or archive reference number.

** Include here a brief description of any supporting material you'd like us to see: we will contact you to discuss how you can send it to us.

*** Please note that we cannot accept any contributions unless valid e-mail and postal addresses are included. We will store your name, e-mail and postal address information in our records so that we can contact you. There are no circumstances in which we will share this information with anyone outside the project team. If you want to send us information without us having an electronic record of your name and e-mail etc., then send it to us by post.