Robert Grant

Partnership Role

Bell & Grant
Name partner

General overseas merchant?

No notes

Firm Notes

Despite the Angel Court address found in the trade directories, there is also an identification with Lime Street.

  1. Co-partnership between John Reed and John Parkinson of Lime Street dissolved 31/12/1799. Mr Reed is retiring favour of his son Charles and James Bell. Firm to continue as Parkinson C. Reed and Bell.

  2. The partnership of James Bell and Charles Reed [lately arrived from overseas] was dissolved 30/06/1809.

  3. Firm appears in 1834 as agent in search of heirs of Sir John Dick, former Consul in Leghorn (1768), the beneficiaries of a legacy of £140 from Joseph Fantechi (who died 1824); in LG 23632 8/7/1870 p. 3328 (retirement of Walter Colledge Taylor from partnership with Jas CC Bell, J. Morton Bell and Geo. Cockburn under the firm of Bell and Grant of No 51 Lime Street London and at Liverpool); and in LG 23693 3/1/1871 p. 19, the dissolution of partnership between James Christian Clement Bell [1788-1871], James Morton Bell [son, 1826-1900] and George Cockburn as merchants at No. 51 Lime St London and at No. 15 Temple Street Liverpool under the style or firm of Bell and Grant: late firm to be liquidated in London by James Morton Bell and in Liverpool by George Cockburn. JCCBell was the Tuscan Consul in London from 1838 [LG 19654 11/9/1838 p. 1965].  A statutory declaration by JCC Bell identifies him as of Angel Court (8/1/1864) in the papers of the Fitzwilliam family [ Ref 350/6/5a-i accessed 13/09/2010]

Firm Sources

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  3. London Gazette 19124 31/12/1834 p. 192