John Gordon of Aikenhead

Partnership Role

James Finlay & Company

General overseas merchant (Cotton)


At his death in 1828, John Gordon had a stake valued at £68,725 in James Finlay and Co.


Anthony Cooke, 'An elite revisited: Glasgow West India merchants, 1783-1877', Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 32.2 2012 pp. 127-165 at p. 160.

Firm Notes

  1. James Stewart of Williamwood near Glasgow ceased to be a partner in James Finlay & Company of Glasgow and Finlay Hodgson of St Helens Place London 31/12/1816 and the Company or firm of Leitch and Smith (John Guthrie, John Ryburn, James Smith, James Smith jun., Andrew Rankin and Archibald Smith) ceased to be partners in James Finlay & Company and Finlay Hodgson 31/12/1823.  Signatories = K. Hodgson, John Gordon, Archibald Buchanan, Wm Finlay, Jno Hodgson, James Finlay, W.W. Finlay, James Stewart, John Finlay.

  2. Partnership at Glasgow under firm of James Finlay & Company dissolved 31/12/1834 as far as regards John Ryburn and John Hodgson who severally retired; and Finlay Hodgson and Company in London also dissolved so far as regards John Ryburn (K. Finlay, John Ryburn, James Buchanan, James Finlay, James Smith, John Finlay, Arch Buchanan, Wm Finlay, T.K. Finlay, Jno Hodgson).



Firm Sources

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