Charles Porcher Lang

Partnership Role

Chauncy, Lang
Other partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. This firm grew out of George Baillie & co. (q.v.) whose partners other than George Baillie (i.e. Robert Lang, John Turing, Nathaniel Snell and Lord Reay) traded between 1800 and 1805 under the firm Lang, Turing & Co., as West India merchants.  On May 1 1805 Nathaniel Snell and Lord Reay retired, Robert Lang and John Turing continuing.


  1. P.M. Lucas, partner with N. S Chauncy and C. P. Lang in Chauncy, Lucas and Lang, died on or about 27/11/1830


  1. Nathaniel Snell Chauncy and Nathaniel Bannerman Chauncy t/a/ Chauncy & Son (39 Wilson St. Finsbury) dissolved 18/10/1843


  1. C. P. Lang (of Lang & Lang) late of Wilson St and Frensham d. December 1842


  1. Charles Snell Chauncy 'formerly of Austin Friars and then of Theobalds Herts', identified as son of William Snell (1719-4 February 1779, merchant of Austin Friars trading with the West Indies) and of Martha, daughter of Charles Chauncey, married his cousin Amelia, daughter of Nathaniel Chauncey, died 6 July 1809, left £125,000

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