George James Eccles

Partnership Role

William & James Eccles
Other partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Glasgow Jan 20th 1818. On March 31st last, Robert Eccles merchant in Glasgow and Francis Bernard, merchant in Trinidad, retired from the co-partnership business carried on at Glasgow under William and James Eccles and at Demerara under Kernan, Eccles & Co.

  2. Glasgow October 1 1828 the subscriber George Cole ceased to be a partner of the concern carried on at Glasgow by the other subscribers and him under the firm Robert Eccles and Company, upon the 30th September 1828 with mutual consent. Wm Eccles; James Eccles (attorney for Robert Eccles); James Eccles; George Cole.

  3. Sequestration of the company or copartnership carrying on business as merchants in Glasgow under firms of ECCLES, BURNLEY & COMPANY and WILLIAM and JAMES ECCLES & COMPANY and in Greenock under the firm of GEORGE JAMES ECCLES, as a company, and of John Ronald, William Frederick Burnley and Andrew Eccles,all merchants in Glasgow and George James Eccles merchant in Greenock as partners thereof and as individuals.  


Firm Sources

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