British Guiana 90

9th Feb 1838 | 206 Enslaved | £9864 1s 3d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.  


T71/885: claim by Wm. Campbell and John Alves, as sequestrators of F. Gallez (deceased), superseded by A.R. Hollingworth as curator of the estate. Multiple counterclaims including: Simon Dawson (probably in fact Simon Davson), attorney of the firm of Honorius Combauld & Co., London, as mortgagee for £4498 13s 111/2d from 01/05/1826; John Alves, for Davidson Barkley & Co., mortgagees for £12240 12s 6d from 03/07/1836.


T71/1610: letter to the Commissioners, dated 02/03/1837, from G.H. Hooper on behalf of A.R. Hollingworth and Edward Hicks, curators, stating: we assumed you would pay us as the court determined, on behalf of creditors; we have no instructions to deal with counterclaims.


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