Antigua 267 (Skerretts)

26th Jun 1837 | 178 Enslaved | £2884 17s 8d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers. Vide also Montserrat no. 252.

Claim by Nicholas Nugent, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from Elizabeth Kirwan Canterbury widow, Ebenzer Fernie of Cornhill, Charles Coles the younger of Tower Street, London, Frederick Lock of Cornhill and Henely Smith of same place, mortgagees £25,000, bargain and sale £2000. Counterclaim from Jane Kirwan of 29 York Place, Brighton, Sussex, widow and administratrix of Anthony Kirwan. Went to Chancery 25/6/1836: but '20/4/1837 'notice on behalf of claimant that order of court under which the compensation had been paid having been discharged, the case would again come before the Commissioners': awarded to claimant 26/6/1837.

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