Jamaica Trelawny 546 (Orange Valley Estate)

21st Nov 1836 | 695 Enslaved | £13591 1s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 307.

Herbert Newton Jarrett was the son of Maria Berners and H.N. Jarrett senior.

Times 14/02/1831 p. 1: notice to creditors of H. N. Jarrett senior, late of the Island of Jamaica and of Great Bromley in the county of Essex, deceased.

See also Trelawny claim no. 417 for another Berners/Jarrett marriage.

T71/874: claim from Herbert Newton Jarrett, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from David Goddin, under the will of H. N. Jarrett (deceased). Counterclaim from Miles & Kington, of Bristol, as mortgagees for £13849 0s 5d. Herbert Newton Jarrett admitted the counterclaim of Miles & Kington on 15/10/1835, but denied that of Goddin. However, on 16/11/1836, Leblanc Oliver & Cook (acting for Miles & Kington) withdrew their counterclaim. (Deal? Who collected the money?).

Herbert Newton Jarrett registered 690 enslaved persons on Orange Valley estate in 1832.

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Orange Valley Estate

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