Dominica 320A & B (Macouchorie?))

30th Jan 1836 | 142 Enslaved | £3034 19s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 313. The award was split -

320A: £1517 9s 10d went to Robarts, 30/01/1836.

320B: £(1?)517 9s 10d went to Laing & Jenkins, 24/10/1836.

T71/881: Robarts was a mortgagee for one moiety. Laing & Jenkins were trustees for James Laing. Counterclaim from E.S. Maude.

See also Dominica claim no. 318.

T71/1609: letter, dated 24/10/1835, from A.W. Robarts, referring to the mechanics on this claim - termed 'Maccoucherie', where A. W. Robarts was mortgagee - and on others where he held power of attorney.

Caribbeana Vol II p. 192: reference to a deed of 1811 between Tho. Lucas (of Castle St, Leicster Sq., London), J. Laing (formerly of Dominica but now of Streatham, Surrey) and Robert Reid (of Dominica). John Lucas (deceased) had owned 1/3rd of Maccoucherie, and left an annuity of £300 (increased in 1810 to £500) to his wife Mary Ann Lucas, with the residue going to Tho. Lucas, his brother. J. Laing and Robert Reid owned the other 2/3rds. J. Laing and Robert Reid bought 1/3rd for £8400, with a mortgage to Tho. Lucas at 5%, and with £200 p.a. of interest to go to the annuity of Mrs Lucas.

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