UCL Faculty of Laws


UCL Laws Commitment for Academic Year 2020/21

For students starting at or returning to UCL Laws in the academic year 20/21, we know you will have many questions about how your education at a world-leading law Faculty will be delivered next academic year. 

UCL will need to adjust how you study and learn in 2020/21 in light of COVID-19. Whilst intense preparations within our Faculty are underway, we want to reassure you that the Faculty is committed to welcoming you with an excellent curriculum and educational experience, a safe environment, strong pastoral care, and a wealth of opportunities for you to interact with your peers and teachers.

In September 2020, we will be ready to deliver our teaching and learning through enhanced online resources and remote teaching, particularly for lectures and large group seminars, as well as through face-to-face teaching on campus, where social distancing requirements make that possible. Connected learning will be at the heart of our student offering and experience next academic year, ensuring connections between your learning and leading research, between you and your teachers, between you and your fellow students, and between your study and the wider world.

Our approach will ensure that the most important and distinctive aspects of a UCL Laws education are maintained in light of COVID-19. Your learning will continue to focus on key legal knowledge and skills that will equip you to be excellent lawyers, and to engage deeply with many challenges that society faces. Given unprecedented challenges to social orders through the COVID-19 pandemic, critical thinking about how societies are organised through laws and other kinds of rules is vital. Legal reasoning, access to justice, and maintaining the rule of law are also central concepts that we will continue to thread through your education in Laws.

UCL Faculty of Laws remains committed to discussion-based learning and we will continue to prioritise knowledge development through discourse, facilitated through online means where necessary. Research-based education will also be embedded in all modules. You will be supported to engage with the very latest knowledge and thinking undertaken by our world-leading researchers.

Opportunities for peer-to-peer connections will also continue to be an important part of your student experience, and we will ensure that you have ways to contact existing friends and new peers through the teaching we offer, even if this needs to be delivered remotely. This could be through online student common rooms, friendly check-ins, or small group teaching.

The Faculty’s foundational commitment to inclusivity and diversity will remain at the heart of our curriculum and teaching. The Faculty was the first Law School in England to admit students whatever their religious background, and to admit women on the same basis as men. By adopting an Inclusive Curriculum Framework, we ensure that our students are exposed to a diversity of voices and the broadest possible range of legal ideas from experts across the globe.

We look forward to welcoming our new and returning students in September.

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