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Support a UCL Laws student scholarship

We are committed to diversifying our student body, supporting students from a variety of backgrounds to complete a degree in Law and develop a career in the legal profession.

A group of Law Society students in the Bentham House cafe

Many of us will feel the impact of our university experience for the rest of our lives. Supporting scholarships at UCL is a powerful way to pass the baton of opportunity to the next generation of students.

The potential ripple effect of a scholarship is limitless. With your help, we can bring a UCL education within the reach of the many, not the few, transforming the lives of those who would study with us, and those who stand to benefit from the changes our graduates will go on to make in the world.

By supporting our students now, you can open our doors to as broad a range of people as possible, and make sure the pathway to opportunity reaches beyond our walls, into local, national and global spheres, and into areas under-represented in higher education. This in turn means brilliant minds of all kinds have a stake in shaping our future. The stronger our UCL community is, the stronger our impact; in our diversity, this strength is amplified.

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