UCL Faculty of Laws


Thomas Papadogiannis Varouchakis, Faculty Research Scholarship

Thomas papadogiannis varouchakis
Programme, and year of study: PhD, 1st year
Where you are from: Greece
Area of research: Corporate Law, Financial Law, Financial Regulation
PhD supervisor: Professor Graham Penn (first supervisor), Professor Marc Moore (second supervisor)
Scholarship received: Faculty Research Scholarship (Elias Award)

Why did you choose to apply to study at UCL Laws?
The fact that Prof. Penn, my current supervisor, was a member of the UCL Faculty of Laws was a decisive factor regarding my decision to apply to study at UCL. Even before applying, I was aware that Prof. Penn is an expert in the field in which I wanted to specialise, and I had decided that I wanted to cooperate with him in writing my thesis. In addition, the location of the Faculty was also important in my decision: it was my intention to conduct my research in London, in order to be able to benefit from the abundance of resources, facilities and academics that this city has to offer. Finally, I had been informed by acquaintances of mine about the quality of research and teaching offered by the UCL Faculty of Laws.

What are your favourite things about studying at UCL Laws?
The opportunity to conduct my research in an environment where I can communicate, exchange ideas and cooperate with top tier researchers and academics specialising in a variety of legal fields.

What do you hope to do once your studies are complete?
After completing my doctorate degree, I intend to become a full-time academic and professor of (commercial) law, either at UCL, or at another University in the UK.

How did you hear about the UCL Laws scholarships?
I first heard about the UCL Laws scholarships via the letter I received by the UCL Research Degrees Programme Administrator regarding the outcome of my application. In that letter, the Programme Administrator informed me that the Scholarships Panel had recommended me be offered the Elias Scholarship.

What impact has receiving this scholarship had for you?
This scholarship had a tremendous impact in my decision to join the UCL Faculty of Laws, since it provided me the means to live and study in London. Without it I would not have been able to become a UCL PhD student.

If you hadn’t received this scholarship what do you think your plans would be, if not studying at UCL Laws?
Had I not received the UCL Faculty Research Scholarship (Elias Award), I would have been forced to pursue a degree in a different university, despite the fact that UCL was my first choice for the reasons stated above.

If someone was thinking of applying for a scholarship what would you say to them?
I would say they should definitely apply, even if they feel that the competition is very fierce. UCL Laws offers a unique opportunity to students who may not have the means but can demonstrate that they have the will and qualifications to pursue a PhD and allows people like me to fulfil their ambition free from financial constraints. 

If someone was thinking of funding or sponsoring a scholarship what would you say to them?
Your willingness to support a scholarship will allow people like me to make their dreams come true. It will prove that courage, persistence and excellence are rewarded even if one’s financial means are limited.