UCL Faculty of Laws


Sonia Anwar Ahmed Martinez, Academic Excellence Scholarship

sonia anwar ahmed martinez
Programme, and year of study: LLM (1 year, full-time 2019-20)
Where you are from: Spain 
Scholarship received: Academic Excellence Scholarship

Why did you choose to apply to study at UCL Laws?
I chose to study at UCL Laws foremostly for its reputable teaching. In particular, I was excited about the prospect of being taught by some of the best practitioners and academics in respective fields of law. UCL’s prime location in central London and the award of a scholarship were also important contributing factors.

What are your favourite things about studying at UCL Laws?
In addition to excellent teaching, some of my favourite things about UCL include the great support network available through the Graduate Office and Careers Services, the dedicated Bentham House building for the Faculty of Laws, and the diverse student body. At a postgraduate level at UCL Laws, you are guaranteed to come across people from very different backgrounds with very different opinions, which stimulates class discussion in interesting ways and makes the social aspect exciting.

How did you hear about the UCL Laws scholarships?
I came to learn about UCL Laws scholarships through the UCL website. 

What impact has receiving this scholarship had for you?
Receiving the Academic Excellence Scholarship has helped me finance my postgraduate studies to a large extent. It has also had a personal impact: receiving the scholarship was also an important recognition of my previous academic efforts and successes and potential achievements.

If you hadn’t received this scholarship what do you think your plans would be, if not studying at UCL Laws?
Had I not received the scholarship, I would probably have dedicated the year to volunteering at a pro bono legal clinic while simultaneously working to be able to finance future postgraduate studies.

If someone was thinking of applying for a scholarship what would you say to them?
To anyone thinking of applying for a scholarship, avoid de-selecting yourself from the process if you think you have a chance of succeeding. In terms of the application, carefully consider what it is you want to showcase given the short word count. If you are still in undergraduate studies, I would encourage anyone thinking of applying for the postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship to try to demonstrate academic excellence in ways beyond university transcripts: e.g. by publishing research papers.

If someone was thinking of funding or sponsoring a scholarship what would you say to them?
A ‘thank you’ in advance! Funding or sponsoring a scholarship is a fantastically useful way to support academic progression and growth.