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Business, markets, and innovation

Companies, competition, finance, intellectual property

This theme looks at how competition and commerce principles govern and structure modern transactions (formal or informal, 'domestic' or commercial) and markets (e.g. health, utilities and financial services sectors). Researchers working in this area are interested in corporate law and ethics, debt finance, competition and innovation policy, the generation and capture of value in the digital economy and its regulation, insurance law, international finance regulation, international arbitration, foreign investment law, economic analysis of law, business and human rights, corporate social responsibility, consumer protection law, judicial review in the regulatory state and the emerging field of the use of technology in the making and application of law. Researchers also look at copyright law, patent law, trade mark law and unfair competition, using a range of methodologies, including comparative, empirical and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Work in this area is informed by a number of Centres and Institutes. The UCL Centre for Ethics and Law works around a range of themes relevant to ethics and law including the themes of corporate governance, professional ethics and the risks posed by technology. The UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society takes a trans-disciplinary approach to promote the study of regulatory action by drawing on law, economics, sociology and political science. UCL's Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) builds bridges between IP academics, practitioners, industry, the judiciary and policy makers via a programme of events including the prestigious Sir Hugh Laddie Annual Lecture. Research in this area is also enhanced by the UCL Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics, a policy forum that aims to stimulate debate around competition law and industry regulation.


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