UCL Faculty of Laws

Mr Killian O'Brien

Mr Killian O'Brien

DAAD Lektor

Faculty of Laws


Joined UCL
1st Sep 2020

Research summary

Killian's main research interest is the international law of the sea. In particular, he is interested in the interface between law of the sea and both international environmental law as well as asylum and migration issues at sea.

Teaching summary

Killian is a Teaching Fellow on the European Legal Studies (German Law) course. In addition, he has experience teaching European and Public International Law both academically and vocationally, particularly environmental law and the international law of the sea.


Killian O'Brien joined the Faculty of Laws as DAAD Lecturer (Fachlektor) in Law in September 2020. Prior to that, he was Assistant Professor, DAAD Fachlektor and Director of the Law and German degree at the Law School of Trinity College Dublin. Before turning to academia, Killian has worked as a research associate within the German federal government. He has also worked for the EU at the European Asylum Support Agency (EASO) on the harmonisation of judicial decision-making in the area of asylum law and has spent time in both continuous professional development for legal professionals as Deputy Head of Section for European Public Law at the Academy of European Law (ERA) as well as academic publishing (German Yearbook of International Law).