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UCL Laws PhD candidate talks to Wired about the low threshold for face recognition in New Delhi 

22 August 2022

Divij Joshi, UCL Laws PhD candidate, talks to emerging technology magazine Wired about the Delhi Police's use of Facial Recognition Technology and the challenges it poses for privacy and civil liberties   

Divij Joshi

In the article, Divij explains the problems with the justification for accuracy metrics used by the Delhi Police in their use of Facial Recognition Technology, and discusses the arbitrary procedures used by the police in using a notoriously faulty technology. 

Divij’s expertise and knowledge lies in exploring the law and politics of automated decision-making systems. His work has included outputs of a Mozilla Fellowship on algorithmic accountability and as lead author on the report "Algorithmic Accountability for the Public Sector” with the Ada Lovelace Institute, AI Now Institute and the Open Government Partnership

Wired is a monthly American magazine that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics.

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