UCL Faculty of Laws


Dr Gracia Marín Durán appointed to new Trade and Agriculture Commission

1 November 2021

The new Trade and Agriculture Commission will provide expert scrutiny of new trade deals negotiated by the UK.

Gracia Marin Duran

On 1 October 2021, Dr Gracia Marín Durán (Associate Professor in International Economic Law at UCL Laws) was appointed by the UK Department for International Trade as one of the twelve members of the newly established Trade and Agriculture Commission (TAC) for an 18-month term. Her appointment was based on her established expertise in international trade and environmental matters. 

The TAC is an independent body advising the UK Secretary of State for International Trade on the negotiations of free trade agreements (FTAs) and their implications for domestic agricultural and environmental legislation. Chaired by Professor Lorand Bartels (Faculty of Law, Cambridge University), the Commission will play an important role in the scrutiny of new FTAs and in ensuring that UK environmental, animal welfare and food safety standards are upheld.