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UCL Laws students Andrew McLean and Sophia Schroeder awarded Modern Law Review Scholarship

9 July 2021

The scholarship provides financial support for research students engaged on doctoral research at a university in the United Kingdom on any subject broadly within the publishing interests of the Review.

Andrew McLean and Sophia Schroeder

UCL Laws PhD student Sophia Schroeder has been awarded the scholarship for the 2021-22 academic year; and Andrew McLean has had his scholarship award for last year renewed for a second year. 

The Modern Law Review is a leading law journal, and the scholarships are awarded by annual competition based on nominations submitted by the head of department of the University in which the applicant is, or will be, registered as a research student.

Andrew's research explores the implications of financialisation for competition law in the United States. His work provides a normative account of how the discipline should adapt to the rise of financial capitalism. Challenging the efficiency-oriented, neoliberal interpretation of competition law that has dominated in recent decades, Andrew suggests a renewed emphasis on equity and economic justice.

Sophia’s research focuses on the role of domestic courts in consociational systems of power-sharing. She seeks to understand how courts react to consociations and the implications of their judgments for the broader political set-up. The scholarship will support, amongst other things, Sophia’s field research in Northern IrelandSophia has also been awarded a Foundation Grant, worth £6000, by Funds for Women Graduates.