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Research by Professor Virginia Mantouvalou featured in Portico magazine

9 October 2020

In the latest issue of UCL’s magazine for alumni and supporters, Professor Mantouvalou discussed her research on how the UK visa system is making migrant domestic workers even more vulnerable.

Professor Virginia Mantouvalou

Professor Virginia Mantouvalou (Professor of Human Rights and Labour Law at UCL Laws) has written an article about her research on modern slavery and the rights of migrant domestic workers.

Insider: Virginia Mantouvalou’ - featured in the Spotlights and Ideas section of Portico magazine, published in October 2020 – discusses the difficulties faced by overseas domestic workers in the UK. Professor Mantouvalou writes about how the research she conducted, including interviews with migrant workers, highlighted how laws can inadvertently trap overseas workers in situations of workplace exploitation.

The article also outlines her plans for further research. With the support of a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship, Professor Mantouvalou is writing a book and will aim to “show how laws that create structures of exploitation may violate the human rights of workers.”