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Professor David Ormerod QC featured on BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action

16 June 2020

Professor Ormerod QC spoke to Joshua Rozenberg about changes to the legal definition of dishonesty for Law in Action, broadcast on 9 June 2020.

David Ormerod

Professor David Ormerod QC (Chair in Criminal Law at UCL Laws) was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action programme last week. The episode, ‘Gambling with the Law’, discusses what courts mean by ‘dishonesty’.

Referring to a controversial 2017 Supreme Court ruling and a recent decision of the Court of Appeal which changed the test for determining dishonesty, Professor Ormerod QC spoke about why courts have struggled with the legal definition of dishonesty; and to what extent the test for dishonesty should be objective (be generally perceived as dishonest by members of society), or be subjective and reflect the defendant’s own understanding of the term.

Listen to a recording of ‘Gambling with the Law’ on the BBC Sounds website now (Professor Ormerod QC’s interview begins at approximately 24:30).