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Professor Stephen Mayson gives keynote speech at Westminster Legal Policy Forum on IRLSR

28 February 2020

Professor Mayson’s speech provided an update on the ongoing Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation.

Photo of Old Bailey

Secretaries of State for Justice may come and go - seven in the last ten years - but since it started in 2018, Professor Stephen Mayson's Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation has been relentless. As Professor Mayson prepares his final report, he provided an update in a keynote speech at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum.

The Centre for Ethics and Law at UCL Laws is supporting a fundamental review of the current regulatory framework for legal services, led by UCL Laws' Honorary Professor Stephen Mayson. The review will explore issues and recommendations posed in the 2016 legal services market study by the Competition and Markets Authority.

The speech also referred to the major issues which need to be addressed in reaching the final conclusions of the review, which will be submitted to the Ministry of Justice this year. The IRLSR Interim Report was published on 17 September 2019.

A copy of the Westminster Legal Policy Forum keynote speech is available to view and download now.