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Dr Michael Veale comments on voice assistant technology in the Guardian

9 October 2019

‘”Alexa, are you invading my privacy?” – the dark side of our voice assistants’ examines privacy-related issues around the use of Alexa-enabled devices.

Dr Michael Veale

Dr Michael Veale, Lecturer in Digital Rights and Regulation at UCL Laws, has been quoted in an article published in the Guardian on 9th October.

Dr Veale comments on how voice assistant technology - which can record people’s conversations and store other voice recordings - could pose a threat to people’s privacy. The data stored may also be compromised and used unlawfully. He goes on to discuss whether data protection laws, such as those part of GDPR, can be enforced to help protect citizen’s rights.

Dr Veale is quoted:

“You are building an infrastructure that can be later co-opted in undesirable ways by large multinationals and state surveillance apparatus, and compromised by malicious hackers.”

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