UCL Faculty of Laws


Professor Ioannis Lianos gives keynote speech at National Conference on Economics of Competition Law

6 March 2019

Professor Lianos participates as keynote speaker to the 4th annual competition law and economics conference organised by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in Delhi on March 1st, 2019.


Professor Ioannis Lianos, Professor of Global Competition Law and Public Policy at UCL Laws, presented his recent work on 'Competition Law in a Complex Economy: Concepts, Metrics, Application, Remedies', which forms part of a forthcoming new monograph project to the leadership of the CCI and the leading competition lawyers and economists in India.

Professor Lianos chaired a closed by invitation only workshop the day before co-organised by the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at UCL and CUTS (Consumer Unity and Trust Society), one of the largest international consumers-based NGO in the developing world exploring 'The Challenges of Digital Competition' in the context of the BRICS competition authorities' project on Digital Competition to which the CLES contributes as the main international partner. The workshop brought together academics and other stakeholders from business and government. 

You can view the agenda for the Conference here.