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Dr Deni Mantzari quoted in the Telegraph on the UK energy price cap

28 June 2019

Dr Deni Mantzari commented on the implications of the UK energy price cap for vulnerable consumers and competition, drawing on her co-authored article published in the Modern Law Review.


Dr Deni Mantzari, Lecturer in Competition Law and Policy at UCL Laws, has been quoted in an article published by the Telegraph entitled: "The energy price cap has backfired: how political meddling is costing us all". Dr Mantzari is quoted as saying that: "British governments have historically been very cautious of intervening in pricing, and had only done so in the energy market as a last resort".

She also commented on the return of price caps in other regulated sectors, such as telecommunications and financial services, as well as on the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) investigations on loyalty penalty charges: a concern raised by Citizens Advice in a ‘super-complaint’, that companies penalise existing customers by charging them higher prices than new customers. The CMA has made the case for placing caps on the prices paid by consumers in markets where they have rolling contracts — ranging from financial services to telecoms.

Dr Mantzari said "We would expect the energy price cap to kick off a tsunami of price intervention”.

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