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Dr Martins Paparinskis gives keynote speech at London International Boundary Conference

9 April 2019

Dr Martins Paparinskis gives keynote speech on ‘International Boundaries and Third Party Settlement of International Disputes’ at London International Boundary Conference at King’s College London.

Martins Paparinskis

Dr Martins Paparinskis, Reader in Public International Law at UCL Laws, gave a keynote speech on ‘International Boundaries and Third Party Settlement of International Disputes’ at the 4th edition of the biannual London International Boundary Conference (LIBC) that took place at King’s College London on 1-2 April.

Following the welcome address by Sir Iain Macleod, Legal Advisor at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Dr Paparinskis spoke about the role that third parties play in settlement of international disputes regarding international boundaries and related matters. He noted the traditional emphasis on permanence and stability in international dispute settlement in this area of law, often accompanied by caution and scepticism, particularly by States, about the value of formalised mechanisms like arbitration and judicial settlement. Dr Paparinskis contrasted this attitude with certain trends in recent years, particularly the plurality of available dispute settlement mechanisms and the role that multilateral considerations (like the principle of self-determination and obligation of non-recognition of unlawful territorial changes) play in their operation. In line with the inter-disciplinary nature of the conference, Dr Paparinskis also noted the important role that non-lawyers play in the settlement of international disputes in the area, and argued for greater involvement of such experts in the set-up of dispute settlement institutions, as had been done with some success in international water law.   

LIBC was co-hosted by Volterra Fietta and King’s College London (Department of Geography). The conference, attended by delegates and speakers from all over the world, provided a unique and multidisciplinary insight into the complex world of international boundary and sovereignty disputes. Speakers addressed a variety of topics, including physical and emotional boundaries after Brexit, fences and barriers on land and sea, topical boundary-related aspects of law of the sea, the Global Commons, islands, and Middle Eastern borders.

 You can view the programme for the conference here