UCL Faculty of Laws


UCL Faculty of Laws welcomes innovation experts from Bifröst University

12 November 2018

Dr Anna Donovan welcomed delegates from Bifröst University to Bentham House, where they discussed legal innovation.

Helga Kristín Audunsdottir, Unnar Stein Bjarndal, Anna Donovan

Dr Anna Donovan (Vice-Dean Innovation, UCL Faculty of Laws) was delighted to host Helga Kristín Audunsdottir (Vice Dean) and Unnar Stein Bjarndal from Bifröst University in Iceland to discuss initiatives in Legal Innovation.

During the visit, the delegation explored current thinking, education and research in the area of LawTech including their respective work in the field of distributed ledger technology, RegTech and industry collaborations such as the Barclays’ LawTech Eagle Lab based in Notting Hill.  

Dr Anna Donovan said of the visit:

“Collaboration is at the core of innovation and we were delighted to host our colleagues from Bifröst University to discuss our respective work in this field. Our institutions already work closely together on the pioneering LawWithoutWalls programme and we look forward to future opportunities to share our knowledge and work in this space.”