UCL Faculty of Laws


UCL Laws students participate in discussion broadcast on BBC Radio 4

27 March 2018


Three UCL Laws students have participated in a discussion with notable Harvard Professor Michael Sandel, broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Hosted by St Paul’s Institute, students Ramsey El-Dabbagh, Sabrina Golds and Hamad Naeem were invited to participate in the debate on the notion of citizenship and global identity.

Whilst at the debate they were faced with controversial questions that revolved around the notions of identity and citizenship. Such questions included asking whether they thought a state should prioritise its own needy citizens over non-citizens when providing hand-outs to those in need.

Being pushed by Professor Sandel to rationalise assumptions and conclusions interesting debates arose with various different perspectives arising as to what the ideal approach be and the rationales behind those approaches.

Ramsey El-Dabbagh said, ‘Engaging in such a discussion with a diverse group of people and guided by a leading figure in this area of knowledge was a great experience, delving deeper into some of the major challenges facing our time of Brexit, Trump and polarised identity politics’.

Listen online on the BBC Radio 4 website