UCL Faculty of Laws


Dr Anna Donovan and Professor Iris Chiu speak to judges about distributed ledger technology

13 December 2017

Anna Donovan

Dr Anna Donovan, Vice Dean (Innovation), Co-director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Lecturer in Law at UCL Faculty of Laws, and Professor Iris Chiu, Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation at UCL Laws, were invited to address the judges, masters and registrars of the Business and Property Courts about Distributed Ledger Technology on Monday 11 December 2017.  

The audience heard about the potential impact of DLT, with a particular focus on smart contracts and initial coin offerings. 

Dr Donovan said:

‘Distributed ledger technology has the potential to fundamentally transform how we structure and govern our commercial relationships (amongst others).  

The legal consequences of this new architecture are significant, although English law and its institutions are exceedingly well placed to meet the twin objectives of facilitating innovation whilst providing commercial certainty and consumer protection where needed.'