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Join the Bentham Project team at the Bentham Hackathon

30 August 2017

Hackathon 1

UCL have teamed up with the technology company IBM to organise a ‘Bentham Hackathon’ which will take place over the weekend of 20-22 October 2017 at UCL BaseKX.

The Bentham Project, in association with UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and UCL Innovation and Enterprise, will be working with IBM to explore the following question: ‘How can digital technologies help us to research Bentham’s philosophy?’

The Bentham Hackathon is an intriguing opportunity for participants to play around with thousands upon thousands of images, transcripts and texts of Bentham’s writings, many of which have been produced in the course of the Transcribe Bentham crowdsourcing initiative.

Participants have the opportunity to work together to explore how digital tools can help us to research Bentham’s philosophy.

The Bentham Hackathon will help us to showcase Bentham’s enormous contribution to philosophical thought, including the way in which his ideas on education inspired the founders of UCL.

The Hackathon is a free event and there are no pre-requisites for participation.

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