UCL Faculty of Laws


Victory for UCL Laws in Human Rights Moot 2014

17 March 2014

The Human Rights Moot took place earlier this month and was won by the UCL Laws team in a tough contest between four leading universities with excellent reputations in Law.


The Moot was organised by the UCL Student Law Society with support from UCL’s Centre for Access to Justice and was judged by Phillippa Kaufmann QC and Hugh Tomlinson QC of Matrix Chambers.

Contesting an employment appeal tribunal, the teams took on the appellant of Ms K Keita, a Mauritanian national of an ethnic minority group who was the cleaner in the Mauritanian Embassy in the UK, the respondent.

Johannes Hadi of the UCL Laws team, said: “We were pleased to win the competition and maintain the UCL Laws standards in the Human Rights Moot.”

Team mate Elias Allahyari added: “It’s great practice, mooting is an excellent opportunity to use all of the cases we have read in a practical situation.”

The contesting universities were Bristol, King’s College London and the London School of Economics (LSE).