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Contesting intervention in Latin America: Exploring spatial ordering in international law

07 March 2022, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

decolonising law

Dr Fabia Fernandes Carvalho, Melbourne

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"Contesting intervention in Latin America: exploring spatial ordering in international law."
Dr Fabia Fernandes Carvalho, Melbourne.

Convenor: Alonso Gurmendi Dunkelberg

About this talk

‘Contesting intervention in Latin America’ assesses the emergence and circulation of the principle of non-intervention in Latin America in the twentieth century. The project explores the ways in which Latin American lawyers engaged with the vocabulary of international law aiming to challenge practices of foreign intervention in the region. This historical exploration of regional understandings of non-intervention seeks to open space for critically grasping the role of international law in projects of spatial ordering. It also aims to enable a detailed interrogation about the different regional sensibilities that are being articulated in Latin America today under the international legal vocabulary.

About the speaker

Fabia Fernandes Carvalho holds a PhD in international law from the University of São Paulo Law School. She was a postdoctoral fellow with the Laureate Program in International law at Melbourne Law School (2017-2021). Before joining the Laureate Program, she was an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Federal University of São Paulo. She is a member of the editorial collectives of TWAIL Review and VRÜ/World Comparative Law.

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