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EU Law in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

10 January 2020–11 January 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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YEL Annual EU Law and Policy Conference – 2020

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Salle Erignac, Sciences Po
13 rue de l'Université

The UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society together with the Yearbook of European Law (YEL) and the Faculty of Law, Sciences Po in Paris organise the YEL Annual EU Law and Policy Conference – 2020 on the topic of: ‘EU Law in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ on the 10th and 11th January at Sciences Po in Paris. Some selected papers  will appear at the Yearbook of European Law.

This event is by invitation only.

Organising committee:

  • Jean d’Aspremont, Sciences Po Paris conference co-organiser
  • Loic Azoulai, Sciences Po Paris conference co-organiser
  • Ioannis Lianos, Faculty of Laws, UCL & CLES@UCL co-editor YEL & conference co-organiser
  • Albertina Albors Llorens, University of Cambridge co-editor YEL
  • Hans Micklitz, EUI co-editor YEL
  • Horatia Muir Watt, Sciences Po Paris conference co-organiser Robert Schütze, Durham Law School co-editor YEL
  • Takis Tridimas, Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College London co-editor YEL
  • Dina Waked, Sciences Po Paris conference co-organiser
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Friday 10 January
13:00Registration and coffee
13:10Welcome and Introduction
Horatia Muir Watt & Ioannis Lianos
13:30Nicolo Zingales
‘Beyond Technical Standardization: A New EU Governance Model for the IOT’
13:50Kai Purnhagen
‘You want it extra CRISPRY? Regulating New Plant Breeding Technologies in the EU’
14:10Claudia Seitz
‘Regulation of New Technologies in the Life Sciences in the Light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – New Developments in Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Gene Technologies and Genetic Data Platforms as new Challenges for EU Data Protection and Competition Law’
14:30Discussion and Comments
Commentators: Deni Mantzari, Horatia Muir Watt, Frederic Jenny
15:10Albert Sanchez-Graells
‘EU Public Procurement Policy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Pushing and Pulling as One?’
15:30Dan Wielsch
‘Dimensions of equality in private law: translations between law and society’ (Guest paper)
15:50Discussion and Comments
Stefan Thomas, Jean d’Aspremont
16:40Giovanni De Gregorio
‘Data Protection: Opportunity or Obstacle to the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the EU Industrial State?’
17:00Oles Andriychuk
‘7½ Myths About Net NeutralityWhy the EU Net Neutrality Rules Are Harming European Digital Agenda’
17:20Discussion and Comments
Florence G’sell, Ioannis Lianos
17:50Ekaterina Perevoshchikova
‘Access to Customer Data under the Second Payment Services Directive - Remedial Blueprint for the Digital Era?’
18:10Matteo Ortino
‘The overhaul of the banking sector (and beyond) through the new Payment Services Directive’
18:30Discussion and Comments
Takis Tridimas, Ioannis Lianos
19:30Conference speakers dinner
Saturday 11 January 2020
09:40Maja Brkan
‘EU Democracy, Free Elections and Artificial Intelligence’
10:00Hedvig Schmidt
‘Merger Regulation in the Digital Economy and the Forgotten Goal of Innovation’
10:20Klaas Hendrik Heller
‘Normative Orders Between Digital Platform and Society. Towards a European Law Framework for Private Governance Regimes in Socio-Economic Change’
10:40Discussion and Comment
Commentators: Oles Andriychuk, Takis Tridimas, Deni Mantzari, Adrian Kuenzler
11:30Stefan Thomas
‘Harmful Signals Cartel Prohibition and Oligopoly Theory in the Age of Machine Learning’
11:50Igor Nikolic
‘FRAND Licensing Levels under EU Law’
12:10Adrian Kuenzler
‘EU Competition and Intellectual Property Law on the Verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’
12:30Discussion and Comment
Ioannis Lianos, Stefan Thomas, Deni Mantzari