UCL Faculty of Laws


Mary Kachale – LLM International Law 2009

Mary Kachale

I wanted to study the LLM International Law specialism because legal knowledge in areas such as Energy, Trade and Investment Law, with a particular focus on the international law aspects, are in high demand in Malawi.
I looked for a world-renowned university within the UK that was comparable with Cambridge and Oxford University in terms of ratings – which led me to UCL. I applied to UCL because not only did it have a reputation for being a world-class university, but it also has a history of welcoming students from all over the world, including Africa; and all students are treated as equals (academically and socially). I needed a university where I would feel at home, and UCL was that university for me.
My best memory at UCL was being awarded a conditional offer for postgraduate research (MPhil/PhD) studies before the completion of my LLM studies. This is my best memory because I had the opportunity to experience first-hand what others had said about UCL: that my academic potential was valued regardless of my race or geographical origin.
Some of the most senior positions I have held in my career in Malawi are: 1. Principal Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet responsible for the Department of International Affairs (8 December 2020 - to date); 2. Director of Public Prosecutions (July 2014 - December 2020); 3. Chief Legal Aid Advocate (Head of the Legal Aid Department in Malawi) (May 2013 - July 2014).
UCL is a university that I would highly recommend to those who have caring responsibilities and wish to pursue postgraduate study. The quality of resources available at UCL make it possible for students with families to excel in their studies. I am an example - I brought two daughters to the UK, and yet I graduated with a Master of Laws in Public International Law with Distinction.