LAPT & LABVIEW for medical / biomedical students

LAPT is a system for Certainty Based Marking at UCL, set up by Prof. Tony Gardner-Medwin (Emeritus Prof. in Physiology, UCL).  LAPT stands for "London Agreed Protocol for Teaching". It was, to begin with, essentially an early form of Learning Management System for use in London departments of Physiology, running in MS-DOS. (The original acronym included  "Of Physiology" at the end!). The home for all links to exercises and information for students and staff is at :

Most of the material is on open access. Some additional material is available only to students at UCL through Moodle, and at other institutions through their own LMS (for example, BlackBoard  at Imperial College).


You can download  LABVIEW simulation programs from here as a zipped file. These programs are used in some UCL physiology practicals. Unzip the file on a PC computer. This will make a folder LABVIEW.  Run the program SELECT.EXE in this folder. You can make an icon on your desktop by right-clicking  SELECT.EXE and dragging it to the desktop, choosing 'Create shortcut' when you release the click button.  A class schedule for the exercise on Membrane & Equilibrium potentials is at  Schedule , with   Model Answers   also available.

Some useful links originally set up by me, mainly for UCL students, are available on a legacy site : TGM: medical teaching resources

Tony Gardner-Medwin April 2013
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