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Student views

UCL Pre-University Summer School students come from a diverse range of countries and cultures. Read more about their experiences of university study, the social programme and student life in the heart of London.
Juliette Helfi, former UCL Pre-University Summer School student

Juliette Helfi

"It was my first time in a real lecture; I enjoyed taking notes and it felt like I was really at university. That experience is going help me when I go to university; now I know how to take notes, I’ll be able to work faster." Read more

Faraj Guliyev, former UCL Pre-University Summer School student

Faraj Guliyev

"The Pre-University Summer School will help me a lot because I am not yet entirely sure about which degree I want to study. There were different subjects like science and humanities, so it allowed me to try different courses." Read more

Print Yingtavornkul, former UCL Pre-university Summer School student

Print Yingtavornkul

"We used a lot of special scientific instruments that I had never used before, such as a spectrophotometer. I learnt how to do an experiment, analyse the results, make conclusions and explain things in scientific ways." Read more

Can Yildiz, UCL Pre-University Summer School student

Can Yildiz

"At my school, teachers mostly do monologue teaching and the students just listen; here, you interact with the teachers more and ask questions whenever you want - the teachers won’t judge you. You can feel free to express your opinions." Read more

Mitsuru Hatono, UCL Pre-University Summer School student

Mitsuru Hatono

"The chaperones were kind, reliable and cautious. If you asked them a question, they always provided an answer. If we forgot any plans, they would tell us what we are doing; it was very good to have them." Read more

Snowmi Lui, former UCL Pre-University Summer School student

Snowmi Liu

"The other students are really friendly; we had loads of chats and shared ideas. I found students very open-minded. Chinese students in general do not share their ideas. They work for themselves, and there is less communication at home; here it is global and shared." Read more

Valariy Morev, Pre-University Summer School Student

Valeriy Morev

"Personally, I found trips around UCL and London to be the most exciting. To look at the city and university I was going to be studying at was a useful experience and helped me to get to know both." Read more